Time slows down as eyes look up. An aurora, here and now, in our latitudes? Gathering under its hypnotic dance we come together, beyond our differences, in the face of something far greater than us.

Borealis is both a work of art and a technological performance. Beams of light travel through particle clouds to create the illusion and while we can harness the technology, the outcome is beyond our control. Variations in wind, humidity and temperature make Borealis an ever-changing installation – it’s always unique. At the end of the day we can only set the stage for the effect to appear. Ultimately, nature holds the final say.

The installation is an immersive light and sound experience with a custom score by French composer Guillaume Desbois. It has mesmerized audiences and the media in over 40 cities across Europe, Australia, Asia and the US.

Borealis was a huge hit – the installation was in place for 31 nights and attracted over 500,000 people. Audiences came to experience it again and again, laying on the grass looking up, letting the soundscape wash over them.

– Heather Croall, Director & CEO, Adelaide Fringe

With Borealis, Dan Acher has bottled the unique, intangible quality of nature’s most compelling skybound phenomenon, and poured it into our public spaces.

– Tom Kerss, Astronomer

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Borealis Music

Listen to the music accompanying The BOREALIS installation, composed by French musician Guillaume Desbois. @SoundsLikeNow