Whatever our external or internal differences, SECRETS reveals – literally makes visible – our common core human aspirations and preoccupations. Over several days people are invited to share their burdens and desires, private hopes, undisclosed epiphanies by filling in cards that say: ‘This is my secret, let’s burn it together’. The cards are pinned anonymously to giant wooden letters, and set ablaze on the last evening of the installation.

SECRETS creates a space where people can process their personal experiences together, in a safe and positive atmosphere. It combines private and public rites of affirmation and release, and will take on different local meanings as communities across the world invest in it. Faced with the blazing letters and the secrets within, people experience – together – a process of forgiveness, acceptance and liberation ; a symbolic cleansing through fire.

SECRETS premiered in Rennes in January 2022 at Les Tombées de la Nuit with 4’500 secrets, 22’000 visitors, 4’000 burners and a life-transforming process for participants and staff alike. A powerful experience – coming soon to a city near you?

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