Dan Acher, artivist

Dan Acher, artivist

Dan Acher is an Ashoka Fellow and the founder of Happy City Lab. Central to his work is art as generator of social change across local and global communities.

Dan uses cities as playgrounds in which citizens of all backgrounds can connect and engage with the key issues of our time. His large-scale installations and new ‘city rituals’ create meaningful bridges across social, cultural or political differences, allowing strangers to come together beyond what may divide them.

Latest news

BREATHE to premiere in Geneva

In a divided and fast-moving world BREATHE is a 15-metre rising sphere pulsing with a warm and rhythmic light; the epicentre from which the breath radiates to unite people across a city and worldwide. May 16-26 in Geneva at Plainpalais, the Jet d’eau water fountain, the UN building and more, plus a globally synchronised website for friends, family and strangers around the world to slow down and breathe in unison: Breathe-now.com

Over 80,000 visitors for South Korea première

A big thanks to Seoul Light DDP for hosting Borealis for 10 nights on the occasion of Frieze Seoul 2023, alongside French digital artist Miguel Chevalier. What an amazing reception from South Korea!

BOREALIS lights up Hong Kong skies

Every night for three weeks straight, BOREALIS brings the Northern Lights to the people of Hong Kong at SerendiCity – a media arts festival showcasing new perspectives on art, urban environments, people and technology.

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Tour Dates

Current & Upcoming


Geneva, Switzerland, May 16 – 26 2024


Supertree Grove, Gardens by the bay, Singapore, fixed installation, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays




Birmingham, UK, February 2024
Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia, Feb – March 2024




Salon du livre de Genève, Switzerland, March 2023

#PointOfView (Life Upside Down)

Salon du livre de Genève, Switzerland, March 2023


Madrid, Spain, Dec 2023
ZAT, Montpellier, France, Dec 2023
Put Big Light On Bolton, UK, Nov – Dec 2023
Shenzhen, China, Oct – Nov 2023
Surfers Paradise, Australia, October 2023
(Melbourne), Australia, July – Oct 2023
Seoul, South Korea, August – September 2023
Centennial Vineyards (Sydney), NSW, Australia, May – June 2023
SerendiCity, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong, Feb – March 2023



Europe Is Burning

Bains des Pâquis, Geneva, Switzerland, Nov 2022


Geneva, Switzerland, July 2022


Tombées de la nuit, Rennes, France, Jan 2022


Nightfall Light Festival, Middlesbrough, UK, Dec 2022
Biennale des Imaginaires numériques, Aix-en-Provence, France, Nov 2022
Bram Stoker Festival, Dublin, Ireland, Oct 2022
MIT, Cambridge Science Festival, MA, USA, Oct 2022
Lieux Publics, Marseille, France, Sept 2022
Daylesford, Australia, July – Sept 2022
Coup de chauffe, Cognac, France, Sept 2022
Paris l’été, France, July 2022
Nuits de Fourvière, Villeurbanne / Lyon, France, July 2022
Millénaire de Caen, France, May 2022
Suwon, Korea, March – April 2022
Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia, Feb – March 2022
The Awakening, Hull, UK, March 2022
Lux Helsinki, Finland, January 2022
Geneva, Switzerland, Dec 2021 – January 2022



, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2021
Greenwich & Docklands Int. Festival, London, UK, August 2021
Hounslow, UK, Sep 2021
Doncaster, UK, Oct 2021
Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, UK, Oct 2021


Winter Lights, Let’s do London, UK, December 2021
Abu Dhabi, UAE, December 2021
Bradford is LIT, Bradford, UK, November 2021
Mars, Mons, Belgium, October 2021
Zomer van Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2021
Greenwich & Docklands Int. Festival, London, UK, August 2021
Tombées de la nuit, Rennes, France, July 2021
Gluttony, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia, Feb – March 2021




Silbersalz Science & Media Festival, Halle, Germany, Octobre 2020
Bega! Festival, Timisoara, Romania, Octobre 2020
Paris l’Été, Paris, France, July 2020




COP25, Madrid, Spain, Nov-Dec 2019

You Are Welcome In

Global 2019

Street Light Orchestra

OSR, Geneva, Nov 2019
OSR, Lausanne, Nov 2019


GLOW Festival, Surfers Paradise, Australia, August 2019
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR), Geneva, Switzerland, July 2019
Perth Winter Fest, Australia, June 2019
Sydney, Australia, May 2019
Tower Of London, UK, April 2019




Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia, February 2018




Nuit des musées, Musée de l’Élysée, No 2017

Street Light Orchestra

Morat Light Festival, Morat, Switzerland, Jan 2017

Teenage Suicide

Children action, Geneva, Switzerland, Sep 2017


Tokyo, Japan, November 2017



Genome – All kinds of humans

TEDX, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Nov 2016

Urban Rodeo

Nyon, June 2016


Geneva, Switzerland, July 2016

Digital Neuron

HUG, Geneva, Switzerland, Nov 2016

Swiss Reflections

Euro 2016, Paris, France, July 2016

In Bed With A Book

Lausanne City Council’s Library and Archives department, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 2016


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, November 2016



Street Light Orchestra

Fête de la musique, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2015
Nyon, Switzerland, Nov 2015

Life Upside Down

Festival Printemps Carougeois, mai 2015, Carouge
AGM, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2015

Urban Rodeo

Vision Art Festival, Crans-Montana, Aug 2015

The Lost Piano

Play Me I’m Yours, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2015

Turn Me On

Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2015



Turn Me On

Vernier Street Art, Geneva, Switzerland, No 2014

Touch ‘n’ Dance

Fête de la Danse, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2014

Life Upside Down

Ours magazine, Geneva, Switzerland, Oct 2014